2024 calendar 


As the end of the year approaches, many families have already hung 2023 behind their monthly calendar in advance for 2024Year, get ready for the new year. Traditional monthly calendars are usually printed with gold-lacquered Fu characters, with large enough spaces for each day to be written on them by elders, just like calendars. They can record on their monthly calendar which day someone comes home for dinner, or which day they need to go to the hospital for a follow-up visit, and write notes to remind themselves of what to bring. Sometimes, if you don't see them when you go home, you only need to glance at the calendar to see what they were going on for the day.


In the age of mobile phones, do you still hang monthly calendars at home? Do you still keep the habit of having your desk calendar on your desk? How long has it been since you saw a thick pile of traditional hand-torn calendars?


Every time you pass some old-fashioned small shops, you can always occasionally see the figure of traditional hand-torn calendars, large and small. The paper of these calendars is rough but particularly thin, and in addition to the red and green dates corresponding to weekdays and holidays, dense text is drawn around them. Have you ever looked closely at the wealth of content? In addition to the daily itinerary, what else is on the calendar?


The traditional hand-torn calendar used to be known as the "peasant calendar" and was an important life guide and reminder tool in agricultural societies. Fortune is of course an integral part of the calendar, helping people choose auspicious days for weddings, relocations, groundbreaking and other activities. The calendar is usually marked with lunar dates, large and small months, dry branch years, month and day hours, tide rise and fall time, five elements and nine houses, auspicious hours and other information. Think about it, in the age of smartphones and the Internet, we now need to search for information one by one online, and they can get everything from a hand-torn calendar. The torn 365 or 366 sheets of calendar paper are also not wasted and can be used to pad tables, put fish bones or burn firewood....


Although few people will buy a traditional hand-torn calendar to hang at home, the new generation of calendars can also load the information that young people care about, so that the calendar is no longer just a calendar. In recent years, cultural and creative shops in Hong Kong and Taiwan have launched new types of hand-torn calendars, which not only use more colorful illustrations or graphic designs, but also print the day's fortunes, and add horoscopes that the younger generation is more concerned about. In addition, the taboo items have also been changed to various small reminders or encouragements in life, making the calendar a 365-day chicken soup for the soul. There are also calendars with different themes, and one cold knowledge on each page brings more fun...rs.


Chi Shing calendar 志成日曆