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Dumb stand force frame | L-shaped display rack | seat display board | T-shaped display rack | photo frame | business card holder | railing seat

Display Board and display supplies are important tools for merchants to display products and information in stores or display places. It can not only effectively increase the exposure and sales of products, but also create a professional and exquisite display effect and enhance the brand image of the merchant.

There are many kinds of display racks and display products, including display boards, signboards, display racks, dumb racks, L-shaped display racks, table display boards, T-shaped display racks, photo frames, business card holders, menu cards, and wall hangings. Type catalog display stand, sitting display stand, catalog card, suggestion box and railing seat, etc.

Different display racks and display products have different functions and application scenarios. For example, display boards and signs can be used to guide customers and indicate the location and price of products; display stands and dumb racks can be used to display products and increase the exposure of products; platform display boards and business card holders can be used to display business cards and small commodities; T-shaped display racks and L-shaped display racks can be used to display larger commodities, such as clothes, shoes, etc.; wall-mounted catalog display racks and sitting display racks can be used to display catalogs and product images; opinions Boxes and railing seats can be used to collect customer opinions and suggestions to improve service quality.

The quality and appearance of display racks and display products have a great impact on the image and sales performance of merchants. Choosing suitable display racks and display products can effectively attract customers' attention, increase product exposure and sales, and increase business revenue and customer satisfaction.

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