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Brand: 蔡伯勵
The Cai Zhenbutang Cai Boli Calendar 32Kis an excellent choice for the year 2024. It is known for its unique design and high-quality printing. This calendar combines Cai Zhenbutang's classic style and Cai Boli's works, and every page shows the perfect combination of art and practicality...
Purpose: Event kick-off/party activitiesBALLOON COLUMNS 1 COLUMN / BALLOON PILLARS$4001 bar - $4001 pair of bars - $700introduce:With many years of experience in balloon arrangement and decoration services, we are now sincerely promoting our professional services to your school. We provide a variety..
Brand: San-X
Rilakkuma Name Sticker (Large)A total of 72 sheets, 30 cycle patternsSize: about 30mm X 13mm..
Brand: San-X
Size: about 30mm X 13mm (72 pcs)Burnt Bread Name Sticker  ※ There are a total of 72 sheets and 60 cyclic patterns in each set..
Brand: DYMO
Three replaceable dials (uppercase, lowercase, cursive)   Handheld dymo label machine, suitable for home leisure life, office use. It is convenient to complete the classification and identification of household items, simplify office work, and make you easily feel more from the joy of life..
The golden scissors are indispensable for the opening ceremony, so that you can use the golden scissors after the opening and at ordinary times, which are practical and beautiful$40 Matte Gold: simple and practical, everyone needs one, after opening the ribbon, you can also use it at ordinary times,..
Brand: San-X
Rilakkuma (Small) Name Sticker  ※ A total of 132 sheets, 108 cycle patterns  ※ Size: about 22mm X 9mm..
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