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Waterproof retractable large painting tube, large painting tubeThere are large, medium, fine and extra fine styles.Large book tube size:Diameter 10cmLength 76cmCan be stretched up to 125cm..
Brand: HERO英雄牌
hero classic fountain penImprove your writing taste, hero iridium pen makes your handwriting more elegantDo you want to give yourself more confidence when writing and let your writing exude a unique style? Hero iridium pen is your unmissable choice! Its exquisite design and high-quality nib make you..
student reward teacher stampEncourage learning momentum, the teacher's atomic seal, let you make a qualitative leap!There is me on the way of learning, the teacher's atomic seal, driving you to move forward quickly!..
The EC30A check machine has 10 digital verification signatures. The machine prints the full subtitles by itself, so there is no need to worry about people with poor handwriting or small handwriting, allowing you to easily make clean and tidy checks.With pillow dial you can easily adjust kerning, lea..
Brand: Sellery
handy diy leather belt making hole punchAre you often bothered by not having the right belt? Now, with just one Sellery belt hole punch, you can easily create your own style and make every belt fit your body perfectly! This portable hole punch has six hole sizes to choose from, not only suitable for..
Brand: Sellery
The belt punching service in Sham Shui Po has always been one of the most popular services in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. However, recently, more and more people have started to buy leather punching machines, such as the one from SELLERY, so that they or their relatives and friends can punch holes at home ..
Brand: Sellery
school handmade diy material kitYour love and thanks! Use your own thoughts to make a unique gift, so that your father can feel the deepest filial piety and touch!..
Large-capacity 3R photo album with 600 pieces, freeze the beautiful memories!Do you want your fond memories to live on? Do you want to keep precious life moments? This large-capacity photo album is definitely your first choice! It can hold 600 3R photos at a time, allowing you to keep your precious ..
Size: 88 * 59mm, 90 * 60mm, 92 * 62.5mm or customizedColor: dazzling gold, yellow, green, red, blue or customizedRFID Plastic Screen Card HolderMaterial: RFID holographic screen materialPrinting: screen printing, offset printing, digital printing..
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