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AMOS is a company established in 1984, which has become a leading manufacturer of stationery and arts and crafts, and is expanding rapidly. The AMOS brand has become synonymous with products such as glue sticks, glass decorations, crayons and plasticine. The company is committed to providing quality products and continuously monitoring the reputation of reliability and improving the R&D department. AMOS constantly seeks and analyzes the global market and consumer needs, and develops new products suitable for home, office, school and art education. These include stationery items such as AMOS Korean color pens, child safety crayons, art drawing oil pastels, and student stationery items such as environmentally friendly non-toxic crayons.

Brand: AMOS
Amos Face Deco 12 Color Screen Color Crayons, Skin Color PenSuitable for most skin types.Washes off easily with water and soap after use.Suitable for parties, role-playing games, sports games, etc. to create makeup effects...
Brand: AMOS
Light clay, make your dreams come true!AMOS light clay is a creative, fun toy for people of all ages. It can be shaped at will to create a variety of shapes and items, allowing you to maximize your creativity.AMOS Light Clay is a lightweight, easy-to-use material that does not contain harmful substa..
Brand: AMOS
student graduation gifts , summer gifts to kidsGhost saliva game, ghost saliva toy, material for making ghost saliva, how to make ghost saliva, how to make ghost saliva..
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