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The Pantone Color Card is a globally recognized color specification system for identifying and communicating color. The system was developed by Pantone Corporation of the United States and is widely used in design, printing, textile, paint and other industries around the world.

In industries such as textile printing and design, accurate color guides are very important. Now, we are proud to introduce Pantone TPG Textile Color Guide FHIP110A Pantone Color guide Paper to you, a professional color guide containing 2,625 colors that can help you easily find the most suitable co..
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*Broad palette of 154 pastels and 56 neons Chromatic arrangement, total 210 colors*Each color identified with a distinct PANTONE Number*Easy-to-use, portable fan deck format*Tear-out chips on replaceable 3-ring binder pages*Code sample : 9602C , 9602U , New neons color start from 901C/U ~942C/U, 801..
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