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FX-991EX CLASSWIZ scientific calculator (from USA) FX-991EX CLASSWIZ scientific calculator (from USA)
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Brand: CASIO
CASIO FX-991EX CLASSWIZ is a high-performance scientific calculator  equipped with a high-resolution LCD screen, which can display more tasks and greatly reduce the degree of scrolling. In addition, it features advanced calculations to quickly solve multi-step problems. Through the online visua..
Brand: CASIO
CASIO | H.K.E.A.A approvedcasio fx-50fh ii functional machine student counting machine406 functionsSolar & Battery Power..
Brand: CASIO
12 digits, SIZE : 175x108x25mmlarge subtitle displaycan add/subtractrewind keytax rate keyPlastic panelAdd/subtract/multiply/divide symbol displayBattery: LR-44..
staple on display-board, repair sofa home use DIY, stapler for school cork board ..
LED moeny detectorThe ultraviolet signature of banknotes can be quickly detected and identified by precise optical sensors. In addition, it also has a USB charging function, does not need to be plugged in for a long time, is easy to carry, and can be used anytime, anywhere...
LED moeny detectorThe ultraviolet banknotes detectorUV currency detector Prince Edward Store in Sham Shui Po A must-have currency detector for retailers in Hong Kong..
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