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Binney & Smith first introduced Crayola Crayons in 1903 with a box of eight colors: Black, Brown, Orange, Violet, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow. For the next 45 years, the color mix and the color names remained unchanged.

In 1949, the choices increased six-fold, bringing the total in the box to 48 colors; many of the names for the new crayons were more imaginative than those used for the original eight colors and included thistle, periwinkle, carnation pink, bittersweet, cornflower, melon, salmon, and spring green.

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Made in the USA, safe and non-toxic. Confidence guaranteedEASY WASHABLE KIDS PAINT: Easily washes off skin and most laundry, making mom's job easier and hassle-free. This water-based washable paint is perfect for DIY crafts and PLAYGROUP play.This paint is ideal for color mixing and can be applied t..
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