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Sellery 92-882 famous Leather puncher (6 size holes)

Sellery 92-882 famous Leather puncher (6 size holes) image
Sellery 92-882 famous Leather puncher (6 size holes)
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  • Model: SEL09

handy diy leather belt making hole punch

Are you often bothered by not having the right belt? Now, with just one Sellery belt hole punch, you can easily create your own style and make every belt fit your body perfectly! This portable hole punch has six hole sizes to choose from, not only suitable for all kinds of leather products, but also cardboard can be easily punched! And, the versatility of the Sellery Belt Hole makes it a must-have for leather DIYers. Let you easily create unique leather products at home! Don't let finding the right belt be a hassle anymore, choose a Sellery belt hole punch now and create your own personal style!

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