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Zhang Xinxun’s fortune book Dragon 2024

Zhang Xinxun’s fortune book Dragon 2024 image
Zhang Xinxun’s fortune book Dragon 2024 image
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Zhang Xinxun’s fortune book Dragon 2024 image
Zhang Xinxun’s fortune book Dragon 2024 image
Zhang Xinxun’s fortune book Dragon 2024
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After the pandemic, the world is gradually returning to normal. The famous feng shui master Zhang Xinxun uses the technique of Qimen Dunjia to guide people to avoid evil in the Year of the Dragon in 2024 and make a smooth transition. This rich content includes the following:


1. 12 Zodiac Zodiac Fortune Predictions: Predict the horoscope of each zodiac sign in the Year of the Dragon, providing guidance on career, financial luck, relationships, etc.


2. Exclusive personal attack and defense of the passing year: According to the personal eight-character information, provide offensive and defensive strategies about the passing year to help people cope with possible challenges and opportunities.


3. Lunar New Year Feng Shui Tips: Teach the skills and methods on how to use Feng Shui layout in the home environment to enhance your fortune.


4. Monthly Reminder Tips: Provide monthly fortune reminders to help people keep things smooth in their daily lives.


In addition, there are frequent disasters around the world, especially wind and rain disasters, which cause trees, buildings and even bridges to collapse. More and more dangerous disasters are likely to occur in China than in the past. In this era of innovation, it has become even more important to add value to yourself, and having a wealth of knowledge and skills will bring better returns. At the same time, the economic situation is sluggish, storing grain for possible famine has become important, and clean water has become the next possible contention.


With his years of experience and expertise, Master Zhang Xinxun is highly regarded in the field of mathematics. He is proficient in a variety of techniques, including Qimen Dunjia, Feng Shui, Yi Xue, Ziping Bazi, Ziwei Doushu, Palmistry, and Divination. He has a particularly unique perspective on Qimen Dunjia, and is able to integrate ancient doctrines into modern life and provide more in-depth guidance.


Master Zhang Xinxun has been a feng shui master for many Chinese and Hong Kong businesses, restaurants, celebrities and entertainers for many years. In addition, he has served as a guest host and metaphysical consultant for television programs, and has been a program guest on radio and television. He also writes columns in entertainment magazines and newspapers.


In addition to being used for disc questioning and measuring good fortune, Qimen Dunjia also has other applications, such as Qimen fortune-telling and fortune change and Qimen feng shui survey. The operation method of Qimen Dunjia is to use the curiosity of the current questioner to solve the problem in a disc form, similar to the touch machine in the plum blossom easy number. However, the precision of Qi Men Dun Jia is higher, so in addition to this, Master Zhang Xinxun can also provide other types of consulting services, such as:


5. Marriage and Relationship Counseling: Provide advice and predictions about marriage and relationship based on personal personality traits.


6. Career and Fortune Consulting: Analyze an individual's eight characters and numerology, provide guidance on career development and financial fortune, and help people make informed decisions.


7. Health and Body Counseling: Provide advice and predictions on health and body based on the individual's character and physical condition, and guide people on how to maintain physical and mental health.


8. Education and Career Choice Counseling: Provide advice on education and career choices based on individual tendencies and interests to help people find their own path.


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